Our mission is to become one of the most resource-rich, efficient and profitable nickel-oriented diversified metal mining companies in the PRC through business and production scale expansion as well as technical improvement.

1. Vision of the Company
To construct the most resource-rich, efficient and profitable nickel-oriented and diversified metal mining companies in the PRC.

2. Mission of the Company: Control Resources and Create Wealth
Control Resources: Adheres to the strategic realization of corporate sustainable development to control mineral resources; enhances corporate core competitiveness to expand human resources and implements corporate value to capture and manage resources, aspiring to expand, strengthen, streamline and improve the Company.

Create Wealth: to realize corporate mission, meet the expectation of its employees, leverage a remarkable results and affluence to requite the Country, the shareholders as well as to benefit the community.

3. Operational Concept of the Company: Harmony, Credibility, Commitment and Sublimity
Harmony: seeks harmony in operation and management, personnel and environment as well as corporate and social effectiveness. Embraces vision, adheres to principle and creates a harmonious economy and cultural environment for a sustainable development.

Faith: loyalty and modesty, keep promise and faith. Be loyal to the interest of the Country, the Company and the shareholders. No sooner said than done and gain trust from the society.

Commitment: To be open to expansion and advancement, be just and transparent and contribute wisdom and strength for the non-ferrous industry. Requite the enterprise and the society by remarkable results and affluence. 

Sublimity: sublimity means to consolidate to reach a higher ground, to radiate glamour and splendor. Leveraging the boldness as a vast enterprise, the wisdom that strengthens a company to gather strength for betterment, stands the ground to aim high so as to sublime corporate value.