In 1950, Sino-Russian Non-ferrous and Rare Metals Company Limited established.
On 30 December 1954, Sino-Russian Non-ferrous became a PRC state-owned industrial enterprise.
On 1 January 1955, Sino-Russian Non-ferrous changed its name to Xinjiang Non-ferrous.
In July, the administration of Xinjiang Non-ferrous Industry Co. was transferred to Xinjiang People’s Government.
We developed a management information system jointly with Zhongnan Industry University. This system transfers the data from the ore processing workshop and the smelting workshop to a central data centre. Through automated input of raw materials in accordance with a pre-set formula, the system has improved the accuracy of the input of raw materials and reduces waste.
On 15 March, Xinjiang Non-ferrous Metal Industry (Group) Ltd. was established by the Xinjiang State-owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission as a wholly state-owned company with limited liability.
We developed a production line of ultra-fine nickel products with an annual production capacity of 200 tonnes.
In August, we established a new cobalt cathode production workshop with an annual production capacity of 130 tonnes.
 On 1 September, Xinjiang Xinxin Mining established.
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining became the second largest integrated producer of nickel cathode in the PRC and we sold approximately 3,304 tonnes of nickel cathode.
In November, the new cobalt cathode production workshop with an annual production capacity of 130 tonnes commenced production.
As of the first quarter of 2007, we possessed approximately 247,408 tonnes of nickel resources in the PRC, of which 163,800 tonnes were nickel reserves. We  also have four exploration rights covering an aggregate area of 159.91 square kilometers and one mining right covering an aggregate area of 7.877square kilometers.
In October, we are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.